Things, September

I haven’t been here for a while. Over a year in fact. Unsurprisingly, that year has coincided with having our second child, Lara, and all that having two children entails. I’m not making any promises about more regular blogging, but my head is teaming with ideas that I would love to get down. Maybe you … Continue reading

Lara’s birth

I was pulled from a deep sleep by a tensing in my tummy. Looking at the clock, it was around 5.20 right bang on my due date. Straight away I knew that this was the real thing: I was in labour. A smile crept over my face as I tried to lie still and focus … Continue reading


Memories from June. From 25 weeks at the beginning of the month … My gorgeous boy, just before getting his hair cut. He loves his sunglasses. My handsome boys, post haircut. … 27 weeks … Homemade ice-lollies (Smitten Kitchen recipe) … Nearly 28 weeks, going to the RSC … Exploring and adventuring at Compton Verney … Continue reading

Pregnancy no. 2

I’ve been away from this blog for a while because I haven’t had a lot that I’ve wanted to talk about this publicly. I’m 24 weeks pregnant with our second child, something which we are both thrilled by, but it’s not been easy. It’s fair to say that this pregnancy is well and truly kicking … Continue reading


Monday is my day not at work and alone with Freddie. I find that I fluctuate over the day between complete adoration of my lovely young child, thinking that I cannot possibly return to work the following day and I must quite my job straight away to wanting to run away and never have any more … Continue reading

War and Peace

Or, a little update. Summer is here and the beautiful weather is bringing back lots of hazy memories of the first few weeks of Freddie’s life. I think it will be a while before hot days don’t remind me of sitting on the sofa with a tiny, too hot newborn feeding feeding feeding and me … Continue reading

Five things

Oh dear. It’s been quite a long time since I last blogged. Truth is, I’ve been having too much fun to take time out to write of an evening. A catch-up post to follow soon(ish), but for now, a few things that have really made me smile over the last week or so. This book, … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

I would say that 13 days into 2014 still makes this year pretty new, right? Obviously, I totally meant to write this over a week ago, but there you go. Christmas really was lovely. We spent Christmas week at my mum’s in mid-Wales and with Freddie being an absolute star (napping for several hours most … Continue reading

Thoughts for new mums

I can’t take credit for all of these, but here are some thoughts, phrases, quotations, sayings, pieces of advice etc. that have struck a cord for me and stayed in my mind since becoming a mum. Sorry for not giving credit for all of them, if I haven’t it’s because I can’t remember where I … Continue reading

Feeding, feeding, feeding

Right, let’s just get on with this, shall we? I’ve been putting off and putting off writing this post for a very long time now and enough is enough. So, breastfeeding. I’m not breastfeeding anymore. It hurts me to write that, which is pointless because I know that I did it for much longer than … Continue reading