Posted in July 2012

Showering the bride

I cannot tell you how excited I am that my gorgeous best friend Lucie is getting married in January (less than six months – yey!) and I am going to be her Maid of Honour. Technically, I should be her Matron of Honour as I’m an old married, but we’re ignoring that, for obvious reasons. … Continue reading

A book shelf: little things I love

Tom and I have lots of little bits and pieces dotted around the house that are mementos of holidays, great days out, occasions and gifts from friends and family. I try not to let these bits take over too much as I don’t want our house to look like a rubbish museum and also I … Continue reading


It kind of crept up on me. First I was given one by my sister as a present. Then I had this idea for a decoration for the wedding. On honeymoon I bought another, and by the time we were home I realised I had it bad. I love letters! I think individual letters or … Continue reading

My favourite five

Although I am not what I would call brand loyal in most respects, there are some products that I turn to again and again as they quite simply do what I need them to do, I’m happy with the price and no-one has introduced me to something that does it better. Perhaps not the heartiest … Continue reading

It’s a sign (post)!

In May, Tom and I were lucky enough to attend the wedding of my very good friend, Allyson, to Victor in Yosemite National Park. (You can read about how we cried throughout the whole ceremony on Far from the wedding crowd and my review of Yosemite on the Honeymoon Project, if you’re interested.) Suffice to … Continue reading

Me and my siblings

I have been a big sister since I was 18 months old and so, really, it’s fair to say that I can’t remember not being in the role. I am a big sister with three siblings – two sisters and a brother – so I have had lots of practice with being a big sister. … Continue reading

Taking off those P plates

This weekend I did my first ‘proper’ drive by myself, after passing my driving test a few weeks ago. Country roads, navigating a new route, motorways, lots of roundabouts – this drive had it all. And, hopefully not too surprisingly, I survived! I even enjoyed it. After having enjoyed being driven around by Tom for … Continue reading

AOW: Modern Man

This is a re-post, well, more of a nudge for those of you who don’t read Any Other Woman. I wrote a post for them that went out last week that I am quite proud of and I thought you would like it. I don’t want this blog to be a feminist blog, per se, … Continue reading

Why am I doing this?

Starting a blog, I mean. I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for a while now, but kept putting it off because I told myself that there was enough of me – and other people saying the things that I thought about – on the Internet. So what changed my mind? Well, firstly I … Continue reading

Why I love detective novels

I am a fan of the novel. I like fiction. I’m a language graduate who tells people that she studied Russian because of the literature so you’ll understand that there is no book too long, too dense or too complicated for me. I will also dabble in the much-maligned genre that is chick lit, much … Continue reading