Taking off those P plates

This weekend I did my first ‘proper’ drive by myself, after passing my driving test a few weeks ago. Country roads, navigating a new route, motorways, lots of roundabouts – this drive had it all. And, hopefully not too surprisingly, I survived! I even enjoyed it.

After having enjoyed being driven around by Tom for more years than I would care to admit, it feels great to be a bit more independent and to have achieved something that has been hanging over me for a while. Actually, it feels really, really good to have achieved something at all!

So, after returning from my first solo journey over 20 minutes, I decided that it was time to take off my P plates (for those who don’t know, in the UK new drivers can put white stickers with a green letter P on them to indicate that they might be a little cautious/please drive really close to them because new drivers are SO annoying and they need to be told how annoying they actually are. At least that’s what some people on the road seem to think). Maybe it is a bit silly, but I do feel really proud of myself and, for me, it is a big step. You see, I don’t have the highest self-confidence at the moment, but I can’t deny that I did this. In fact, I nailed my driving test – 3 minors, don’t you know – and that’s got to count for something.

Now onto the next challenge!



5 thoughts on “Taking off those P plates

  1. Well done! Having the confidence to travel somewhere you’ve never been before is pretty much all the battle. Once you realise that it’s no big deal if you go the wrong way then you’re sorted!
    I got 3 minors too. I do most of the driving at weekends but we share it on our daily commute, I have to say I do enjoy it. I’ve even done a track day at Knockhill and reverse parking is probably my best skill 🙂

    • Wow, I’m not sure many people can claim that reverse parking is their best skill – go you! I’m impressed.

      You’re right, once you realise that everyone still makes mistakes (such as trying to go up a no entry street. Oops…) then it does make it easier.

  2. Three minors is amazing! I failed my first test with 2 majors and I passed my second with 12 minors, I think. Congratulations, the first few solo drives are the scariest, and the first motorway journey is definitely the worst! Just stick at your own pace and you’ll carry on being ace. Doing an M1 journey so soon after passing is DEFINITELY a huge achievement, I didn’t go solo on a motorway for months and months.

    K x

  3. I got something like 14 minors on my test (narrowly missing a failure), so Esme is, technically, a better driver than me. Also she passed her theory test first time. Unlike me – apparently I am not very hazard aware…

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