It’s a sign (post)!

In May, Tom and I were lucky enough to attend the wedding of my very good friend, Allyson, to Victor in Yosemite National Park. (You can read about how we cried throughout the whole ceremony on Far from the wedding crowd and my review of Yosemite on the Honeymoon Project, if you’re interested.)

Suffice to say that it was really wonderful for many, many reasons. (Not least the absolutely photos. Seriously, look at Allyson’s Any Other Photo and I dare you not to be wowed.) But it’s not really my place to post up a million pictures and wax lyrical about all the hard work that came together to make it a personal and very special day. However, I do want to share one little detail with you, because it is just awesome.

Behold the relationship sign-post:

It’s fair to say that Allyson and Victor are a very well travelled pair, with Allyson having lived abroad several times (including the most important time of her life, living in Moscow where she met me!). They decided on a travel theme for their wedding, with postcard save the dates, luggage tags as escort cards and the tables being named after places they had been together. This sign-post was made by Allyson’s Dad and shows all the important places that have played a part in their relationship, with Yosemite National Park being the central point. Isn’t it such a lovely metaphor and just a wonderful thing to have? It got all the guests talking, reminiscing on the stories they’d heard about Allyson and Victor’s adventures in the various places and it also made us think about what other countries and cities they’ll be able to add to the post over their marriage.


2 thoughts on “It’s a sign (post)!

  1. Thanks for posting, Esme! This was one of my favorite things about our decorations and one of the great things about it was it gave my dad a good project. He’s an engineer and (I hope) enjoyed figuring out how to put such a thing together based on my back-of-the-napkin designs, especially since it had to be shipped across the country from Connecticut to California! I’m so glad you appreciated it! 🙂

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