It kind of crept up on me. First I was given one by my sister as a present. Then I had this idea for a decoration for the wedding. On honeymoon I bought another, and by the time we were home I realised I had it bad. I love letters! I think individual letters or words look great around a living space. Sure, sometimes it can be a bit much, but more often than not I think it’s really creative, personal and is a really simple way to make a room feel more ‘together’. (I say all of this with very, very limited decorating or design talent. I just really like them!)

Here are some of the letters that we currently have in our home:

These obviously handmade letters are remnants of our wedding. I – rather cleverly, I may add – realised that if we made the letters E, A, T and an & shape then we could spell out EAT, TEA and E & T and have the words hanging from one of our marquees. All we needed was for a helpful member of the wedding party to swap the letters round at opportune moments. Luckily, Tom’s best man Mark did the honours. Here they are in action on the day:

Photograph taken by Martmari Photography

We made these letters by kindly asking Tom’s Dad to use his school’s laser cutter using a template that Tom designed using Word. We then used various methods to cover the letters: wrapping paper for the spotty A and stripy T (this one was very thin strips of paper), strips of fabric for the E, and left-over paint for the &. As you can see from the top picture, they’re still going strong and are now in our kitchen. The & is just leaning on a window sill for the moment, waiting to be used in a future project that we’ve decided to leave until we move house. Watch this space…

And now one of my favourite random objects we have in the house…

Isn’t it lovely? I saw this W in a cook shop (of all places) in Rome when we were on honeymoon and begged Tom to let me have it. To sell it to him I declared that he should be proud that I wanted to celebrate my new initial (I went from Esme F to Esme W when we got married) and I love that it’s a different reminder of a wonderful honeymoon. Everyone always asks whether it’s actually an M turned upside down, but I can assure you that it’s not. I can’t wait to have it as part of a massive frame wall, rather than having it slightly in the way, sitting on the fire place surround as it is now.

I love Rebecca from Florence Finds display of letters and the letters on the Skin & Blister blog to do this post. I’ll definitely be adding more letters to our new place (wherever that may be…), including putting that & to good use and would love to think of something original to have on a set of shelves. Perhaps some little letters spelling READ or BOOKS, covered in pages from second-hand books would be cool? It’s got to be personal to you in order for it not to look twee or overdone, I think. Is that true of all decorating? Hmm… Maybe a good rule for life, too?


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