A book shelf: little things I love

Tom and I have lots of little bits and pieces dotted around the house that are mementos of holidays, great days out, occasions and gifts from friends and family. I try not to let these bits take over too much as I don’t want our house to look like a rubbish museum and also I want the things we do have out to have significance – and look nice, of course. (Hence, partly, why we are fighting back against the owls…)

This section of the book shelves in our living room is one of my particular favourites and I thought you might like to see it and hear some of the stories behind the bits. I didn’t ‘style’ or move anything in this picture, so the random layout and messy books are real!

From left to right:

Paper house

This is actually a card sent to us from my lovely friend Megan. Megan is the kind of friend who always sends cards on your birthday, to celebrate any successes you may have had and just to stay in touch. She sent us this one (handmade, of course) when we moved into our current house and it has never been moved.

Glass roses

The four glass roses you can see in this picture were made by my Mum as prototypes for our wedding favours. Mum and her husband Richard run a little stained glass business in their spare (!) time and they are really rather good at it, even if I do say so myself. We have several examples of their work dotted around the house, but these are some of my favourites. I have always loved the Rennie Macintosh rose design so it was perfect to have it tied into our wedding. Plus I love the fact that someone I love made them for us.

Sparkly bauble

Left over from decorating the house for the first Christmas meal we ever hosted. Fun times.

Travel books

From all the places we’ve been, lived in, want to travel to. Some day…

Flower card

A watercolour painting put onto a card, from my Mum. The shelf above this one has handmade cards from Tom’s Mum, but I guess this one is mine!

Wooden sun

A present from Mum. I can’t remember when she gave me this, but it reminds me of my family as we always had suns around the house.


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