What have we done?!

I think we may have made a terrible mistake. I’m not sure how it happened, we were trying to be nice, trying to be generous, trying to help someone out who needed the help. We didn’t think it would ever come to this. We need help!

Yes, that’s right – Uncle Tom and Aunty Esme (don’t EVER let me hear you calling me that, mind you. It’s a bit too spinster-Aunt-too-many-cats sounding for my liking) are babysitting 2.5 year old Maya this weekend for THREE nights. I know, my goodness, it’s even worse than you had imagined. My sister asked us many months ago if we would help out one weekend this summer so that her and her boyfriend could have some time off and we eagerly accepted, wanting to get all the un-godly parent points we could (as well as being Aunt and Uncle, we are also Maya’s designated un-godly parents. Un-godly for the obvious reasons – there really is no better word for the role, don’t you think?). And now that weekend is looming.


Me and Maya in the park the last time we looked after her. It is not an exaggeration to say that she went down this slide 8,000 times

I need your help, kind readers. My wonderful niece is chatty, loves anything to do with glitter and/or paint (preferably together) and her favourite thing at the moment is, apparently, running. Seems that everyone’s got the Olympic fever!

And then she discovered the big slide…

She loves her Uncle Tom, although not enough to actually let him pick her up, so that’s going to be interesting when she refuses to go in the buggy. I’m just pleased she can finally say my name as I was ‘e-Tom’ for far too long.

Maya ‘smiling’. And no, we did not actually put her in a cage. Although, that’s not a bad idea…

So, please, any suggestions? Her Mum is putting her to bed on Friday and then not returning until Monday lunchtime. What have we done?!

Just to keep you sweet, here is a ridiculously cute picture of Maya from over a year ago. I promise you that she picked-up the tea cosy without any prompting…


One thought on “What have we done?!

  1. You say she likes glitter and paint, tap into your inner princess. Go pick up a package Crayola washable glitter paint. Got to a dollar store and buy a paint pad. You’ll have a blast and she will too. Play dress up with her and give her a “makeover” with your old make up. Download some silly songs onto your computer and dance around the house. Buy some crayons and look up printable color sheets. Let her be silly and you be silly with her…OH, and make sure you have a full bottle of headache relief medicine b/c you’re going to need it. My kid is 3 1/2 and this has been part of our weekly routine for about a year now! Have fun!!!

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