House news!

I’ve been keeping a secret from you. I’ve got a good reason why I haven’t said anything – once bitten, twice shy and all that. But I think it’s alright to let you know… If you’re listening, fate, this is not me tempting you.

We’ve got a house! A home, in fact. Look, it has a front door and everything:

You might know that we were in a bit of a pickle: we had found a house we wanted to buy, had the mortgage agreed, had our offer accepted… and then the bank changed their mind. The house we currently rent was being sold and we were struggling to find anything we liked to move into.

About six weeks ago we received a phone call from the owners of the house we tried to buy, inviting us over. We thought they might be open to the idea of renting the house to us for a while whilst Tom finished studying and we could look again for a mortgage. But no, they wanted to say that they really wanted us to buy the house – they had their heart set on selling it to a young married couple and felt that we were the perfect choice. So much so that they wanted to ask us if we would look into getting a mortgage again, promising that they wouldn’t accept any other offers until we had tried everything. They had even turned down an investor who offered full asking price! We left that meeting happy that there were some truly lovely people in the world, but feeling that we were likely to disappoint them.

Turned out there were some new first-time buyer mortgages on the market and then it turned out that one of the banks who had offered us a mortgage before but at a rate we couldn’t afford, were willing to let us have one of their new lower rate mortgages. Really? One catch, we couldn’t have as much as we had offered previously. So we tentatively went back to the owners with an even lower offer (still not believing that this might actually happen). Amazingly, they said yes!

Solicitors were put in place, a formal offer made and formally accepted. We held our breath – something was going to go wrong, wasn’t it? No, the mortgage was still go and the survey was done. We started to feel a bit faint from all the breath holding. The survey came back with no issues and the house was taken off the market. We took Tom’s family to see it and measured rooms. Everyone was smiling and celebrating, apart from us. We just could not believe that this might actually happen and that we were buying a house.

And, now, we’re starting to believe it. We were hoping to be moving in by the end of August, but because of the bank holiday the conveyancing can’t be done in time so we’re going to be renting for another month. (We were a bit worried that we were going to be homeless for a few weeks, but it turns out that the sale of the house that we’re renting has fallen through. Trying really hard not to be thrilled about this… I think ‘karma’ is the word I’m looking for?) Not perfect timing with me starting a new job and the fact that we’re going to a wedding in Spain in mid-September, but we don’t really care, because…

We’re buying a house! A house that we love and is perfect for our little family! A house that will be a home, that we can paint and do anything we like to. Please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall through again, would you?

And because you’ve been very nice and read all of this, here is a picture of our garden, complete with shed, pear tree and strawberry plants (alas, no tree house):



6 thoughts on “House news!

  1. Oh my goodness, Esme, I’m so so happy for you! This is amazing – how lovely (and rare) that the owners are motivated by finding the right people for the house rather than just getting the right money. The house looks beautiful – hope the next few weeks go smoothly and look forward to hearing more once you’re in! xx

  2. WAAAAAAAH I got so excited when I saw that wee title pop up on my google reader 🙂 so, so, so happy for you guys, so happy. xx

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