First anniversary celebrations

Last Monday (13th August) was our first wedding anniversary. As I think many other not-so-newlyweds will attest, it both seems like it was only yesterday and also a million years ago that we got married. It’s been quite a year, made more bearable and happier by the fact I know I’ve always got my husband in my corner, but sometimes I do catch myself looking at my wedding ring thinking “did it really happen?”. Our friends, family, the photos on the mantelpiece and our bank balance tells me that, yes, we really did have an amazing wedding.

I’m sure I’ll waffle on about how much I love being married and what it’s like to no longer be a newlywed again soon, so today I’ll concentrate on what we did to celebrate this milestone.

Our anniversary morning started with a 5.50 wake-up call from a certain favourite (and only) niece of ours who promptly announced that chocolate pancakes would be the only thing she would eat for breakfast. As we are the best Uncle and Aunt in the world (and also love a bit of a crêpe for breakfast ourselves), we happily obliged. We then sleepily opened our huge pile of anniversary cards from incredibly kind family and friends – honestly, we were so touched that anyone would even remember! So a huge thank you to anyone who thoughtfully sent us a card or even just gave us a thought on the day. You rock – whilst Maya danced along to Happy Feet (“Want to watch ‘Happy’!!). Tom then announced that he was popping out to get me a surprise and would be taking our charge with him – what a star! I indulged in a long shower and came downstairs to find a smiling niece declaring “You got a present!”. Lucky me:

My sister arrived before lunch to collect Maya, leaving us to celebrate. Tom then presented me with a wonderful gift that (partly down to the fact I was so tired, I’m sure) left me in floods of tears: a beautiful handmade but professionally framed print of our wedding vows, on paper the same shade of purple of our bridesmaids’ dresses. Such a thoughtful and wonderful first anniversary present, I’m sure you’ll agree.

After a much needed nap, we got dressed up and headed into Stratford-Upon-Avon, which is quite near to us. We spent a lovely few hours wandering around, enjoying being off work and looking at expensive furniture in the posh shops. I think it was during the long conversation about what colour we should paint the kitchen in the new house over a leisurely cup of tea that we started to come to terms with the fact that we actually were getting the home we’ve wanted for such a long time, so that was nice.

My present for Tom was dinner at No. 9 Church Street, a restaurant about which I had heard good things and tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

No. 9 Church Street – image via Trip Advisor

We chose from the Pre-Theatre Menu at No. 9, partly because we had to get to the theatre on time, but mainly because it was such good value. We were definitely tempted by the tasting menu – there are some great reviews of it on Trip Advisor, so maybe next time. Dinner was great with really good size portions superbly cooked (seriously, I had pork and it practically melted in my mouth) and the service was faultless. I know that Stratford is a theatre town, but there are a lot of options for places to go before you head in for some culture and so we were really impressed that the restaurant was full at 6pm on a Monday – a good sign, wouldn’t you say? A couple of nice touches: our glasses of Prosecco came with a mini bottle for a top-up and a strawberry on the glass (cut-side up so that you could smell it when you had a sip); the waitress that delivered our main courses was able to recite all of the red wines available by the glass by heart and when Tom dropped his fork, a new one was presented to him before he’d even sat up.

Then onto the theatre and our first visit to the RSC! (Which is kind of embarrassing to admit when you’ve lived less than half an hour from Stratford for more than two years.)

Much Ado About Nothing at the RSC. Image via The Stratford Observer

As you may have guessed from the image above, this was Much Ado with a Bollywood twist and it was GREAT. Meera Syal was excellent as Beatrice and the music and settings completely brought you in. A special mention has to go to Anjana Vasan who played a maid and various other small parts, who has some of the best comedic timing I have ever seen and acted her socks off throughout the whole performance – a star for sure.

We arrived home tired but happy. I think the best celebrations often happen when you haven’t planned the heck out of them and just go with the flow, and this was certainly one of them. Happy anniversary to my favourite person, I’m already looking forward to the many, many more we have to come.


2 thoughts on “First anniversary celebrations

  1. That has left me with a lump in my throat and a strong urge to tell my other half to hurry up and ask…!
    It’s so nice to read about your happiness, Esme. It has been years since we’ve seen eachother, but your writing makes it feel like I still know you.
    If you’re ever down our way, near Bath, drop me an email or FB message, it would be nice to catch up.
    All the best,

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