Things you need when you leave home

From 1st September, my little sister will be living in Halls. Daisy, my sister, is studying a BTEC in Musical Theatre at a college near to us, which is, therefore, a long way from home (Mid-Wales). During her first year she lived with a family to whom my Mum paid rent and board, but this year she will be taking the huge step of looking after her own well-being. Hang on a second, isn’t she still, like, four years old?! Turns out not so much…

So it looks like the task of getting her set-up with kitchen things, bedding, washing powder etc. has arrived at least a year earlier than planned. As someone who takes rather a lot of pride in having a well stocked kitchen, I cockily told my Mum that I would put together a list of the essentials for Daisy’s first kitchen. Then I started actually writing things down and I realised that I might need a bit of help. Here’s my first go at the list, please add your thoughts on what I’ve missed off, what shouldn’t be on the list and places to get this stuff in the comments section:

  • Basic plates and bowls
  • Cheap Ikea cutlery with extra teaspoons
  • Tumblers – you don’t need wine glasses
  • Mugs – for tea drinking and measuring
  • A frying pan
  • A saucepan big enough to cook four portions of pasta
  • Microwavable rice cooker/steamer
  • A wooden chopping board and a plastic one
  • Large bowl for mixing/serving/storing
  • An ovenproof dish
  • A bottle opener and corkscrew
  • A tin opener
  • A good knife
  • A colendar
  • Grater
  • A speed peeler
  • A fish slice
  • Wooden spoons
  • A whisk
  • Potato masher
  • Plastic tubs with lids – not the cheapest stuff
  • Measuring spoons (we have three sets so she can have one of ours)
  • Pegs – for washing, keeping open bags closed (e.g. flour and frozen peas) and pinning-up pictures
  • Biscuit tin
  • Tea towels

7 thoughts on “Things you need when you leave home

  1. I know that feeling! My baby sister is in her 2nd year at uni, she’s just moved into a house with her friends. Since when do they let 6 yr olds do that?! My baby girl can’t be 20, surely?!

    Anyway, Tescos is your friend. You can buy SO
    MUCH cheap kitchen stuff in a big Tesco.

    Other things for the list: a saucepan with a lid (no-one likes to balance a plate on top of the pan, as I did throughout my uni years), and a baking tray.

    I’ll try and think of more through the day!

    K x

  2. This isn’t kitchen-related, but, in case it’s helpful – command strips are AMAZING for putting up posters and then removing them without leaving any marks whatsoever.

    A tray to eat off is also good, depending on whether there’s a kitchen table!

  3. How about a clothes horse/airer? I think we made do with radiators in my first year of uni but it’s not ideal! If she’s got room, it might be useful. Also, blu tack and selotape. I will keep thinking! Lots of luck to Daisy, sure she’ll love it!!

  4. As Daisy is still only 17 I think we need to leave the corkscrew and wine glasses at home, don’t you? Actually there is a no alcohol rule in the under 18 part of halls. Going by this list it looks like yet another expensive trip to Tesco…

  5. This is a weird one… but a door stop! I’m not sure how the halls works, but in my first year I was in halls and the best thing I did was buy and use a door stop – people would just pop their heads round the door as I was unpacking/watching Neighbours etc etc and I actually made two of my best friends because they heard the radio on in my room! NB: The music/tv only works in your first week or so, I’m not a noisy neighbour or anything! Good luck Daisy! xx

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