Simple things

After a weekend of illness, a frustrating morning at work and the realisation that buying a house has already cost us a LOT of money (I know, who would have thought it?), I’m feeling a little blue today. To perk myself up, here are a few things that have made me happy over the last couple of days:

  • Seeing my friends from University and laughing my head off.
  • Hearing about the wedding plans of a good friend.
  • Seeing a picture of my colleague’s new baby – he’s a cutie.
  • Buying my favourite moisturiser with my Boots points.
  • Aisling being back on Any Other Woman.
  • A lovely card from a dear friend.
  • Some sun on my skin during my lunch hour.
  • Spaghetti for dinner tonight.

What’s making you happy at the moment, readers?


2 thoughts on “Simple things

  1. I am really happy about this jewelry armoire we picked up secondhand through Craig’s List. It was rough in a few spots, but Vic gave it some love and I spent the morning putting my jewelry in it. Fun to go through all those silly little things from childhood that I’ve kept and some new pieces I’ve collected from friends, family, and various travels. It’s nice to relive a sort of journey through necklaces!! And, twice baked potatoes make me happy. I am making those tonight for dinner with Vic’s sister and his cousins. Love you, Esme!

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