Westonbirt Arboretum

On bank holiday Monday, Tom and I drove down to Wiltshire, picked-up my Aunty Lynda and we all went for a day out at Westonbirt Arboretum.

The place is basically just loads of trees. I mean, loads and LOADS of trees – it’s the National Arboretum, after all. If you don’t think that sounds interesting, well then more fool you, because it is wonderful. I think the UK does places like this really well, allowing the good ol’ British countryside to just do its thing and show us all how beautiful and amazing it can be. The Arboretum has limited information (although there are plenty of signs and maps available), but just by walking around and looking at the trees you are bound to learn something. It’s beautifully looked after, principally by volunteers and is a great way to spend a day, wallking and looking and sitting and breathing. The one downside is that currently the cafe is closed, but you can take a picnic or you can leave the Arboretum and take the short drive to nearby Tetbury for tea and cake and come back within the same day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind paying an entrance fee for something like this – you can see where your money goes without any difficulty.

We went on a slightly rainy day, but I am already looking forward to going back in the Autumn to see something like this:

We had intentionally gone on Monday because we knew it was the last day of Tree Fest, an annual festival held at Westonbirt over the bank holiday weekend celebrating everything tree and wood-related. The atmosphere was great, with loads of stalls selling the most amazing wooden creations, tools for wood carving and run by tree charities (including the amazing Westmill Woodland Burial Site, a natural burial site nearby), food stalls and various events such as archery and tree climbing. People had been camping all weekend and it looked like they’d had a great time. We didn’t make any purchases, but were very taken with some beautifully made garden furniture. Maybe once we’ve bought a sofa for the new house. And some book shelves. And a dishwasher. And…

Apologies for the lack of photographs, but I much too busy keeping dry and enjoying talking to Lynda.

Ever been to an Arboretum? One of the things I’ve found since I left university and started working in an office is that I love spending as much of my weekend outside as possible. Anyone else find that?


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