Posted in September 2012

Victoria’s favourite five

I was thrilled when my friend Victoria asked if she could send me her favourite five for my blog, partly because it’s great to know that someone else thinks it’s a good idea and partly because Victoria is much more glamourous that me so I knew her choices would be great. If you would like … Continue reading

First day!

As you read this I will be on my way to my first day at my new job. Writing this on Sunday evening, I’m feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. Tom has fixed my bike so that I can get from the train station to the office in time, I’ve chosen my outfit (going … Continue reading

Two weeks in veg

So what did we do with all of those vegetables? Planning this post has made me a lot more aware of what we do with the food we buy – more aware that we don’t try new things very often. And that our large fruit and veg box might actually not be right for us … Continue reading


This is my last week in my current job. I’ve got Friday off and then I start my new, big, scary, important job on Monday. But right now I’m clearing out my desk and writing work instructions and seeing colleagues for the last time. It doesn’t feel like I’m leaving and I can’t quite focus … Continue reading

Film reviews

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a colleague that there were a load of new DVDs in the library to hire (£2.50 for a week? Yes please!). She loves her films and so buys them regularly to watch again and again and she offered to lend me a load. The result is that … Continue reading

Food ethics

Whilst I’m trying to remember what we did with everything with our last veg box, I’ve been thinking a bit more about why it’s important to me to buy one (and not just because everything tastes scrummy). I came to the conclusion that it comes down to my food ethics: I like that the stuff … Continue reading