Two weeks in veg

So what did we do with all of those vegetables? Planning this post has made me a lot more aware of what we do with the food we buy – more aware that we don’t try new things very often. And that our large fruit and veg box might actually not be right for us as we are often left with a huge amount of one thing that we then completely sick of. It’s taken us a week longer to make a dent in this box after all.

First, a recap.

Here’s what Abel and Cole brought us:

A red cabbage, some beetroot, some courgettes (got 3 I think), some plum tomatoes and some white mushrooms. Not in the picture, but we also got some potatoes, some carrots, some white onions, a lettuce, some peaches, red currants and some pears.

What we ate

The pears and peaches got eaten at work for our mid-morning snacks; the lettuce and tomatoes went into some tasty salads (the best was lettuce, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, beetroot, celery and Parmesan with a tangy dressing). The tomatoes were also eaten by me in a yummy pasta sauce that also used-up the last of the mushrooms, a bit of tuna and some green olives. My tip when making simple sauces like this: if your sauce is looking a bit dry, add some of the pasta cooking water to loosen it, just a little bit at a time.

At least one each of the onions and carrots went into a spaghetti bolognese, along with the courgettes and some mushrooms (I know, I know, not a proper bolognese. But it tasted nice all the same). Some of the carrots simply got boiled and eaten along with some mashed potatoes and fish fingers and the last of them went into a fish pie. By the way, Jamie Oliver, in my opinion, has the best mid-week fish pie recipe around: simple and very tasty.

I have to admit that we struggled with the beetroot and red cabbage. Not because we don’t like beetroot, but the same day the veg box arrived, Tom dug our first harvest from our allotment: several large beetroot and some purple carrots. So we’ve been a bit overloaded with beetroot… As promised, we made beetroot brownies, which I was pretty proud of, and we had a lot of beetroot salads. There are four more beetroot sitting in our pantry, taunting me – I’m thinking pickled beetroot?

And, unsurprisingly, the red cabbage was slow cooked in the oven. You probably already have a recipe for braised red cabbage, but if not, use Delia. Just don’t try to do it in a slow cooker… Trust me. It was delicious with some roast beef (and just a few Yorkshire puddings, hey Tom?) on Sunday and then the next day, but at least half is still uneaten. I blame the weather.

I almost forgot the most exciting: the red currants! Last time we got them, I’m ashamed to say that they went moldy and into the bin before we could do anything with them. Not this time! This time they went on top of the most delicious cheesecake I (or our dinner guests) have ever had, made by my pastry chef. I mean husband… He used Nigella’s London cheesecake recipe for the base (omitting the sour cream bit), and then, when it was cooled, some rhubarb compote (from the freezer) went on top along with a pot of blueberries (fresh frozen ones, put in the freezer just before they went off), another of raspberries (also frozen) and the red currants. Serve with cream, and wow! Highly recommended :o)


With this week’s box, I’d like to make the veg more of the main event rather than a side dish/filler. We’ll see how it goes.


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