Victoria’s favourite five

I was thrilled when my friend Victoria asked if she could send me her favourite five for my blog, partly because it’s great to know that someone else thinks it’s a good idea and partly because Victoria is much more glamourous that me so I knew her choices would be great.

If you would like to do a favourite five post, please email me on


I wanted to write about products that you might not already have in your bathroom or heard of before. So here goes! You might think the list is a little obscure, but give some of these a go….

Euthymol, £1.65 is bright pink toothpaste with a …. pungent smell to it – but please don’t let that put you off! It’s traditionally a smoker’s toothpaste and even as a non-smoker, once you get used to the strong taste of it, it’s great for guaranteeing fresh breath. Also, people tend to comment on the fact that I have very white teeth. They’ve not always been this white, and I seem to remember the comments started coming when I began brushing my teeth in the morning with Euthymol and at night with any regular toothpaste with whitener (try Beverley Hills or a Colgate one). Euthymol doesn’t contain fluoride, so do make sure you use another toothpaste that does.


Braun Silk-épil 3 epilator, £49.99 – This is for anyone paying for regular waxes in a salon, or those of you fed up with getting wax all over carpet at home: grin and bear the pain and invest in an epilator. I’ve used one for nearly 10 years and they are SO handy. No need to wait around for waxing appointments or wait for the hair to grow back fully. No need to shave every day or put up with second day stubbly legs. Just pull out your epilator whenever and epilate wherever suits you. I’m totally immune to the pain now, I can even use it on my underarms and other (ahem) body parts. It really is worth it, and for the cost of an epilator I’ve saved hundreds if not thousands of pounds on waxing over the years. You do the maths…


Coconoil, £10 for a huge tub that will last you for a year or more, depending on how much and where on your body you use it. It’s a lovely coconutty moisturiser mainly for the body, though I do use it on my face from time to time, especially in winter. I get very dry elbows and rubbing in a miniscule amount daily for a week sorts it no problem. The texture is rather like lard at first which emulsifies into an oil as you heat it up or rub it into the skin. It’s totally natural and you can even cook with it. A little fact for anyone who enjoys cooking and didn’t already know this: coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with as it is more heat stable (even olive oil is not recommended for heat above 210ºC or its smoking point). Very cheap and lasts forever?! As long as you don’t mind tasting a hint of coconut in your meals, try it. You may even end up buying two pots: one for your skin, the other for your kitchen!


Crème de la mer: The Lip Balm. Now, at £40 for a tiny pot of lip balm, I know what you’re going to say (Esme I can see your eyes rolling!). But, as a girl who has never EVER got to the bottom of a pot of lip balm or lipstick before (I still have unfinished pots and old lipsticks that are nearly 10 years old kicking about in my dresser!) I cannot recommend Crème de la mer balm highly enough – I use it all day every day on my lips, eye contour area (it gives it a fresh and subtle glossy look without the horrible sticky feeling) and even my elbows. It has a yummy minty taste to it when you apply which I’m pretty sure makes my lips look fuller, as do the tingly lip glosses out there on the market. When I bother to make more of an effort I trace a VERY thin line of white eyeliner around my lips and blend into the lip line before applying the balm – it makes my lips appear fuller. Magic! Since buying the balm, I never want to use anything else on my lips. So I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve splashed out, because for once I’m actually using my lip balm and getting my money’s worth.


Famous Dave’s Moisture Tan, £24.99 I suppose now is the time to tell you that I’m from Essex! But please don’t jump to conclusions – I’m not the TOWIE tanaholic you’d expect me to be (and no, I don’t live in Ugg boots or drive a white TT). I am actually very pale skinned naturally and have always been. BUT after managing to come back from holiday with the best tan I’ve ever had, and knowing that London’s exotic weather was hardly going to keep it topped up. Options were: sun bed (tut tut…) or fake tan (something I have FEARED ever since I found out about the orangey stuff). It’s mainly the horror stories I used to see out and about in Romford that have dissuaded me from fake tanning: fluorescent orange skin, streaky legs, patchy palms and dirt-stained fingernails. But allow me to let you in on this little gem of a discovery: Famous Dave’s (not that I’ve tried anything else!!) is the best. On my first attempt, admittedly, I did have a few patchey marks around my ankles, but they were barely visible. Just make sure you keep rubbing the cream in evenly across each body part until it’s soaked into the skin. The colour is great as it works with your natural skin tones. No orange at all, and the first time I applied a thin layer to my face and neck everyone commented on my natural glow! You can take the girl out of Essex…… ; )


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