Posted in October 2012

We’re in!

Thanks to the dry weather, a large trailer borrowed from work by my Father-in-law, some (incredibly) helpful family and friends and a pretty lax landlady, we’re in the new house! New keys have been collected, old keys handed over, the first take-away consumed, paint purchased and tested on the walls, our new wardrobe put together … Continue reading

Today’s the day

Today is the day that we get the keys to our new house. The day we get to stand in our very own kitchen (and perhaps do a little dance of joy) and test out paint on the walls. And hang-up pictures wherever we want. And change decorations and add things and make it just … Continue reading

Simple pleasures of late

As things have been a bit crazy recently (what with, you know, those small life changes like starting a new job and buying our first house an’ all), I thought it might be nice to look back on some of the simple pleasures that I have enjoyed. Seeing my best friend, Lucie, in her wedding … Continue reading

Life update

Hi lovely readers. It’s been pretty busy around here of late, in fact it’s fair to say that we have been doing All The Things. A quick summary of the craziness of the past few weeks chez nous: I started my new job, with longer hours and a much longer commute. We bought a house! … Continue reading