Life update

Hi lovely readers. It’s been pretty busy around here of late, in fact it’s fair to say that we have been doing All The Things.

A quick summary of the craziness of the past few weeks chez nous:

  • I started my new job, with longer hours and a much longer commute.
  • We bought a house!
  • We started packing-up our current house all ready to move last weekend…
  • We didn’t move 😦
  • But then we found out that we’re moving this weekend! And getting the keys on Friday! (Just in time to be kicked out of this house on Sunday!)
  • We bought a purple sofa!

  • Tom damaged his Achilles tendon whilst training for a mini-triathlon he’s signed-up for. It was almost two weeks ago and he still can’t walk.
  • We went to the wonderful wedding of two of our loveliest friends in Granada, Spain. (And believe me, it was much more fun with Tom not being able to walk.) Even though we were almost 24 late (Birmingham airport, grumble, Monach airlines, grumble), we still had a great time and a nice little break with some sun and a fantastic afternoon at the Alhambra.
  • We bought a lot of paint for the new house. And no I’m not going to tell you what we’ve chosen, you’ll have to wait and see.
  • A weekend spent trying to make empty glass jars look like this:
  • … using this tutorial, but without the key ingredient as you can’t buy it in the UK, for the upcoming wedding of the gorgeous Lucie and George. They worked out pretty well in the end!

So, wish us luck with the final bits of packing (I may have lied just a little bit when I said that we were all ready to move last weekend…), the painting and the Big Move. We’re pretty excited!


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