Simple pleasures of late

As things have been a bit crazy recently (what with, you know, those small life changes like starting a new job and buying our first house an’ all), I thought it might be nice to look back on some of the simple pleasures that I have enjoyed.

  • Seeing my best friend, Lucie, in her wedding dress. She is going to be one stunner of a bride. George, you have been warned.
  • Being invited out to lunch by a group of girls in my new office. Yey, new friends!
  • Finally setting-up my Google Reader and catching-up on my blog habit over a cup of tea when I get in from work.
  • Meeting some wonderful AOW ladies at the London edition of Any Other Party, getting to talk to them in Real Life and liking and respecting them even more than I already did.
  • Cycling between the train station and the office (and back) everyday as part of my new commute. I don’t know why, but I really love it.

What are your current simple pleasures?


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