Today’s the day

Today is the day that we get the keys to our new house. The day we get to stand in our very own kitchen (and perhaps do a little dance of joy) and test out paint on the walls. And hang-up pictures wherever we want. And change decorations and add things and make it just how we want it. (Oh and pay for the boiler to be fixed when it inevitably breaks in the first two weeks and fix the leaky shower and… Alright, that’s enough of that.)

The next few days will be filled with lifting and moving and opening and sorting and cleaning and probably lots of swearing but hopefully also some celebratory bubbles and cake. Wish us luck!

And because I’m in a good mood, here’s a picture of the living room, with patio doors opening out into the garden:


2 thoughts on “Today’s the day

  1. Ditto with the kitchen dancing but maybe you need to find a home for the gazzillion boxes of kitchen paraphernalia before you both fall and break something?? And before the WHOLE family descends for Christmas… :o)

    May yours will be a home filled with happiness and laughter.

    Love to you both in your new home from Mum and Him xxxx

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