We’re in!

Thanks to the dry weather, a large trailer borrowed from work by my Father-in-law, some (incredibly) helpful family and friends and a pretty lax landlady, we’re in the new house!

New keys have been collected, old keys handed over, the first take-away consumed, paint purchased and tested on the walls, our new wardrobe put together and filled with clothes. A (not very significant, but existant none the same) dent has been made in the box mountain and we found the kettle. I think it’s official to say that we’ve moved house. Into a house that we own – wow.

Unfortunately we will not have Internet until 30th October, so posting will be sporadic and may or may not include any photos (sorry about that). But I will do my best to get some before/during/after posts written-up and ready to post as and when I can.

For now, I just want to say thank you to everything who kept their fingers crossed for us and sent us good wishes. Your kind thoughts clearly worked! It feels really, really fantastic to be in our own home at last.

Now, when are you coming round for cake?


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