Posted in November 2012

I need a favour

I’m really counting on you, lovely readers of mine, to help me out a little bit here. You see, in January I am going to be Maid of Honour (if anyone says I should be the Matron of Honour, then you won’t be coming to my birthday party anymore) to my wonderful best friend, Lucie. … Continue reading

Weeks 13 to 16

Unfortunately I’ve been ill for the whole of my second trimester so far – a cough turned into a mild chest infection that saw me being put onto antibiotics last Thursday and having a few days off work. So, annoyingly, I haven’t been able to enjoy the increase in energy and feeling more like my … Continue reading

Recipe: sausages and lentils

This is one of my and Tom’s favourite recipes. We’ve been making it for years and can now do it with our eyes closed (I don’t mean we literally do that, you understand) and play around with it a bit. If you like sausages and tomato sauces, you’ll love this. An excellent recipe for dinner … Continue reading

Kitchen: before and during

Enough with all this pregnancy nonsense, how about some house updates? That’s what you’ve all been waiting for, right?! When we moved in, we pretty much had a blank canvas. It’s a new house, so everything works but it was painted and decorated for renting, i.e. magnolia as far as the eye could see, and … Continue reading

My first trimester

It took me a long time to realise that once that little blue line appears (or, in our case, when a small digital screen shouts ‘PREGNANT’ at you 4 seconds after you wee on it), a huge chain of events has already begun. It wasn’t really until the 12 week scan that I really realised … Continue reading


So, you may have seen my news. I’ve been really quite nervous about posting it, not because I thought people would say nasty things, or wouldn’t be happy for us, but I suppose because it’s kind of been our secret for such a long time now that sharing it with the world (OK, who am … Continue reading


When we went down to the allotment today, look what we found! Success! Now we are desperately in need of some pumpkin recipes. Anyone? Oh, and for some perspective, this is how big the largest one is:      

A good reason

I haven’t exactly been honest with you all over the past few weeks. Sure, things have been busy because of the move and the new job and everything associated with those huge life altering things (such as having no Internet connection), but there has been one other thing that has been keeping me away from … Continue reading

Saying goodbye

Hello! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of moving, unpacking, new job and no Internet. BUT! We are now back on line and I’m all ready to catch you all up on the craziness that has been out lives over the last month or so. Please come back later this week for further … Continue reading