Saying goodbye

Hello! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of moving, unpacking, new job and no Internet. BUT! We are now back on line and I’m all ready to catch you all up on the craziness that has been out lives over the last month or so. Please come back later this week for further insight, but before we move forward I feel that it is only fair that we look back…

One month ago, Tom and I said goodbye to our old house. Although we have hardly given it a second thought since we’ve been settling ourselves into Our First Owned House, it was an emotional farewell. We had lived in that house for almost three years, and it’s fair to say that those were some pretty incredible years. The house had (most of the time) been very kind to us, kept us (almost always) warm and dry and gave us some great times.

It will always be our first home. Sure, we didn’t actually own it, but we loved it and felt comfortable there. It was the house that we got engaged in, the house where we planned our wedding, the house we came home to as newlyweds, the house we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in and then our first wedding anniversary. We’ve had some great parties in that house, a lot of lazy weekends, cooked many delicious meals and many, many happy time besides. It will be somewhere that we will always remember fondly and we will miss it at time, I’m sure.

However, for all of its good qualities (and let me tell you, it was a lovely house. The kind of house that every time someone new came round, they would always say ‘now this is a nice house’), it did have some not so good points too. The small bedrooms that meant that we couldn’t fit all of our clothes in one room, or even two. The windows that were never going to be clean and leaked heat like it was going out of fashion. The garden that would never be tamed. And a few other interesting ‘features’ that I’d rather not think about. But there were two things that I can remember with a smile. The first was the delight which was the mirror wall in our bedroom. Behold:

We slept with those awful tiny mirrors above our bed for way too long. They were super-glued onto the wall, hence why they never came down. Let me tell you that I cursed those darned mirrors every morning for over two years, when I would turn around whilst getting dressed and see myself twice as large as I stood between two of those evil mirrors. They were not kind from any angle, believe me. We toyed with the idea of covering them up many a time, but because the area was so wide it just wouldn’t work. Tom even painstakingly painted around each and every single one when we first moved in, so the new owners are going to have a nice surprise when they finally get them off and find they now have a wall covered in 40 bright blue squares! But I suppose that I can now look at those mirrors and smile – they’re exactly the sort of reason we’re happy that we now own a house to which we can do whatever we want. Now where are all these mirrors going to go…?

The second picture kind of speaks for itself. What can I say? It was an old house that had ivy growing on the outside. This is a picture of the wall behind a table in our old living room.

Good luck with that one, new owners! It just makes us laugh.

So that’s it. Goodbye Stratford Cottage – we loved you, but we’re really happy in our new, warm, not damp, ivy-free new house. Think of us from time to time.


One thought on “Saying goodbye

  1. It was always a very happy house – I think that has more to do with the people in it than the house itself though 🙂 I have no doubt your new home will be every bit as wonderful and you will have some amazing times in it!xx

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