Kitchen: before and during

Enough with all this pregnancy nonsense, how about some house updates? That’s what you’ve all been waiting for, right?!
When we moved in, we pretty much had a blank canvas. It’s a new house, so everything works but it was painted and decorated for renting, i.e. magnolia as far as the eye could see, and not a huge amount of imagination. Although we do like some modern design (strong colours and interesting shapes, for example) we love our personal and homely touches too. Tom would probably have everything he owns out on display, but I prefer a mixture of open and tidied-away storage, of which there is practically none in this house. We also have a LOT of kitchen stuff. So it stands to reason that the first room that we had to do something to was the kitchen.

We started with this:

You can just see the wall that separates the kitchen part with the front door (to the right of this photo) and the room is pretty much a large long rectangle with stairs straight up from the front door and a downstairs loo underneath them.

And here are some during photos:

As you can see, we decided that we needed to put shelves up on both walls to house our immense tea collection and our crockery. After searching high and low for some suitable (they had to be wide enough to fit the microwave on one side and then narrow enough for the other) and not too expensive, we found the Antonius range at Ikea. We were originally going to go for wood, but the white fits in really well, it’s a flexible solution and it was cheap! We’ve had it up for a few weeks now and it looks great.
Things are looking a little more exciting in the kitchen now, with some personal bits and pieces up on the wall and few random bits on the sides, but we’re not there yet. There are wall to paint, another storage unit to source and fill (that won’t be a problem) and coat hooks to put up. Stay tuned for more updates…


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