Weeks 13 to 16

Unfortunately I’ve been ill for the whole of my second trimester so far – a cough turned into a mild chest infection that saw me being put onto antibiotics last Thursday and having a few days off work. So, annoyingly, I haven’t been able to enjoy the increase in energy and feeling more like my old self as much as I would have liked. Fingers crossed that by the time you read this I will have gotten over the worst and finally be able to breathe through my nose again.

Although I’m not 100%, I can tell that the majority of the first trimester symptoms (nausea, bad skin, incredible tiredness, sore boobs) have pretty much gone. Tom insists that I am ‘glowing’ and that my hair is really shiny, so I’ll go with it. I’m just really happy that my digestion has sorted itself out (bet you didn’t know that was one of the affects of early pregnancy, did you? Oh yes, it’s all fun and games) and that my skin has gone back to pre-pregnancy levels of clearness.

In my 14th week, I started to get a tiny little bump. And then in week 15, I suddenly – it seemed like it appeared over night – had an actual bump! And I have to say I love it :0) At first Tom laughed at me when he noticed me rubbing it, but now he loves it too. I do feel HUGE (I’ve never had a tummy this big before!), even though I know this is just the beginning.

I’m embracing the fact that I can still fit into my skinny jeans thigh and bum-wise, if not tummy-wise, so have taken to wearing them with a ribbon holding them up.

As well as the excitement of being able to see a proper external sign that there’s a growing baby inside me, the main thing that’s brought us together over the last couple of weeks has actually been having a major freak-out about money.

I’m not going to go into details, but it turns out that moving house is actually quite expensive and does affect your financial situation for a while after. After a couple of sleepless nights, many hours looking at figures and spreadsheets and a teary phone call with my Mum, we got through to the other side. Some decisions have been made about second-hand purchases for the baby and me putting off buying maternity clothes until I absolutely have to and we’re feeling a lot better. We know that, basically, when the baby comes, we’ll have to get through it no matter what and at least we’ve got a few months to get as prepared as we can. Having this difficult, stressful time and sorting it out together (whilst also asking for help and advice) has brought us closer together and feeling a bit more ready to face what’s coming together. It hasn’t been, and it isn’t going to be, easy, but we are lucky that we’ve got each other and a healthy baby on the way.

So, weeks 13 – 16 in summary (I feel like I need it, even if you don’t):

  • Feeling better on the pregnancy side of things, horribly ill in other ways.
  • The bump has arrived!
  • Money worries that turned into…
  • A blissful happiness of sorts and a chance to recognise how lucky we are.

3 thoughts on “Weeks 13 to 16

  1. I can’t believe that my baby is having a baby! You look amazing and Monty looks lovely all warm and cosy. Can’t wait to give that bump a hug next month.

    Nana x :o)

  2. I’m with you on the digestion stuff, easily my least favourite of all pregnancy symptoms and I had NO idea that would happen. I felt like my entire body was shutting down to care for the tiny little embryo and it didn’t seem fair! Enjoy the second trimester, I have just entered the third and although still feeling generally good I can sense the tiredness returning.

    We are also moving house before the baby arrives and because of this we’re going to go pretty minimalist on baby stuff, I’ve been assured that apart from the basics they really don’t need very much to be healthy and happy, just somewhere to sleep, a few things to wear and something to poo in!

  3. You are wonderful, both of you (all three of you!) and you will get through everything life throws at you. You have a great family and lots of people around you who love you lots and will do everything they can to help you (me included!). You look fab, and happy, and the bump suits you! Xx

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