I need a favour

I’m really counting on you, lovely readers of mine, to help me out a little bit here. You see, in January I am going to be Maid of Honour (if anyone says I should be the Matron of Honour, then you won’t be coming to my birthday party anymore) to my wonderful best friend, Lucie.

Me and Lucie in St Petersburg, where we met in 2006 (what?!)

When she marries the gorgeous George.

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to repay the favour to Lucie, as she did a fantastic job as my Maid of Honour. But I have kind of ruined our best laid plans by getting myself knocked-up when we had already bought a rather lovely bridesmaid dress for me to wear. Oops, fallen at the first hurdle…

But I have (sort of) redeemed myself by finding a maternity version of the dress that Lucie’s sister is wearing. Said dress arrived last week and Lucie has given it the green light. Yey! It’s the Heavenly Bump teal strapless maxi dress, bought from New Look. (Apologies for the terrible quality phone pictures.)

So, I have a dress. But that’s it. And that’s where you come in (hopefully)…

I know this is very cheeky, but I was wondering whether anyone had any shoes that would go with this dress that I could borrow? Failing that, can you send me some links to some cheap options? You see, we’re on a very tight budget at the moment and I just don’t have any shoes that would work with this dress already.

I’m a size 4 and they need to be fairly low in the heel, but I am open to options when it comes to style and/or colour (I was just going to get some black flat pumps, but that seems very boring). If it helps, we’ve got teal coloured dresses as the groom is wearing his kilt that has purple and teal in it, and the decorations are of similar shades (purples and turquoise/bluey-greens) mixed with antique silver.

I am willing to pay postage and promise to return the shoes to you as soon after the wedding as I can. Also, I would be grateful forever more.

And just one more thing… Any suggestions for a necklace? I’m going to be wearing my hair up in a kind of bun/chignon thing off my shoulders and will also have a feathery/furry ivory bolero, but I think this neckline needs a chunky necklace. Who am I kidding? I need something to draw attention from the huge boobs and tummy! Any other accessory suggestions will be most welcome. I’m planning on asking for a necklace to wear for Christmas, so something that I can wear again, preferably.

So, that’s it friends. I have every faith in your shoe offering and necklace finding abilities. Please help a girl out!


6 thoughts on “I need a favour

  1. Love the dress! The colour really suits you.

    As you know, my feet are far too small to be able to offer you my shoes but I can offer you my bridesmaid’s golden low/mid-heel shoes in a 4.5. I’m sure the Kates won’t mind.

    As for the necklace, chunky sounds good. And if you want to go crazy, why not go for some bracelets as well? I’d stick to similar colours for the jewelry with perhaps a bit of wood or silver/gold mixed in.

    Have fun accessorizing! but don’t feel that you need to hide anything, be proud of that bump!

  2. Hello Esme, this is my first time commenting. I followed you through a comment either at Betterinrealife or Anyotherwoman. I am glad you started writing. And congratulations with your pregnancy, so lucky.
    As for the necklace I have one that you could borrow, if you’d like. It is in a similar color scheme, swarovski, I got it for my sister’s wedding (which had a turquoise-lilac inspiration). You can see it at the end of this post… email me if you are interested and we can figure out a way.

      • Oh… sorry I read this late. Anywhow I will keep reading you 🙂 And I am curious, I always love to read and look at weddings. I hope you are feeling well and that everything is going smoothly.

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