Posted in February 2013

Six months

I am now six months pregnant. That means I have been pregnant for half a year. Lets take a look at how I’ve changed: from the early days (and not knowing I was pregnant), through first and second trimesters… To now, just over 28 weeks, officially in my third trimester: The third trimester does feel … Continue reading


Before I get into this post, I feel like I should start at the end really and tell you that you a couple of weeks ago we were given the all clear. So, although I have had a taste of what being told there is something wrong with your baby is like and how to … Continue reading

Lucie and George’s wedding

Apologies for the less than amazing quality of all of the pictures in this post. They’ve all been chosen because they capture the feelings and feel of what was a wonderful day, but none were taken by professional photographers. I love them all, though! It was almost a month ago now, but I have finally … Continue reading

Feeding the family

This evening I have been making one of my family’s main-stay dinners and it inspired me to share it and some of our other family favourites with you. For us, if a meal is tasty, can easily be bulked out to eat for a few meals and adapted to be made with what we’ve got … Continue reading