Six months

I am now six months pregnant. That means I have been pregnant for half a year. Lets take a look at how I’ve changed: from the early days (and not knowing I was pregnant), through first and second trimesters…


To now, just over 28 weeks, officially in my third trimester:


The third trimester does feel different, which in itself is a bit weird. I mean, hardly anything has changed since last week, but suddenly I feel tired, heavy and achy. I am also very aware that I still have three months of this left – three months where my bump will only get bigger and heavier. Yey, more back pain! Actually, I think that bump-growth goes in waves, with a bit of growth spurt and associated hormone surges/aches as your body adjusts and then you kind of get used to the extra weight and get a bit of energy back. That’s what the last couple of months have been like for me, anyway. I just hope the energy does come back.

But, along with the tiredness and stiffness, I feel really good. I feel happy and content and excited to meet our baby boy. This has got a lot to do with the fact that I got signed-off high risk a week ago, got a negative result for the gestational diabetes test and managed to convince the midwives at the hospital that I didn’t need an unnecessary test. Healthy baby and mummy for the win! It feels so good to know that everything is more than fine with the baby and actually I am the healthiest I could be. I’ve also spent some time thinking and reading about the birth and am feeling strangely calm and excited about the whole thing. I’d quite like baby to stay inside for a while longer – mainly to give us time to get his nursery ready – but if he were to make an early appearance, we’d cope. Just don’t tell him I said that.

At the moment I’ve been contemplating moving the date I finish work and start maternity leave forward a bit. Currently I’ll be finishing at 37 weeks, just 3 weeks before my due date, but I am quite tempted by the idea of finishing at Easter, a couple of weeks earlier instead. I can’t seem to decide what the best thing would be, but I am aware everyday how tired I am already and how my body is not doing very well with being stuck behind a desk all day (she says whilst sitting at a desk at home in the evening when I could be on the sofa with my feet up). But, on the other hand, I am bad at being home by myself and getting bored – although I need to get used to Tom not being here during the day, even if there will be a little person with me. And I haven’t even touched on the whole pay/holiday pay/annoying my employers issues. Any advice would be very welcome.

We’ve got some nice things planned for the last few weeks of me being able to leave the house: going to look at a cot we’ll be long-term borrowing this weekend, decorating the nursery (look out for a post on that soon!), a few date nights with some money we’ve been putting to one side for a while, a family party, our new bigger bed arriving, a weekend at Lucie and George’s and a little pre-baby holiday. I am particularly excited by the prospect of the last – three nights in a baby-unfriendly hotel, some good food, a lot of relaxation and generally enjoying being husband and wife. We’ve promised ourselves that this will not be last time we’ll spend a night away just the two of us, but we do realise that date nights and a mini-break in a nice hotel will not be regular occurrences for a while, so we’ve prioritised ‘us’ time.

Is there anything else to say? I’ll leave you with this: Tom says I am a beautiful pregnant lady quite a lot, which, even if it’s not true, is nice to hear.


3 thoughts on “Six months

  1. You ARE a beautiful pregnant lady Esme! And, unlike Tom, you can’t accuse me of saying that because I have to 🙂

    With the maternity leave, I can’t comment from personal experience or even with any knowledge of the pay/employer situation but out of the worse case scenarios for each, I think being at home bored sounds better than stuck feeling terrible at work. Also, boredom is much easier to cure (books, blog posts, twitter chat etc.) and the extra time might be helpful when getting everything ready for the baby.


  2. I am gonna go on and repeat that you are a beautiful pregnant lady. All I could think while watching your photos was “She´s so cute” and “She looks so joyful and happy and calm”.
    I hope this last stretch will be easy on you, and as comfortable as humanly possible (with all the growing, hormones, ligament stretching)… You sound quite zen about it all way to go.
    Feeling happy for you.

  3. You do look gorgeous. Genuinely. And your post made me tear up because you just sound so full of love and happiness for your baby and your husband. I bet you will make magical parents.
    Having no idea what you do and how easy it is to coast in your job (and also how much you care about annoying them and if you want to go back to work) I’d say you need to listen to your body. If you’re tired and don’t think you can cope then don’t do it, you don’t want to be stressed and tired more than is necessary!

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