Life at 31 weeks

This past month has flown by. At every other stage of my pregnancy I have closely counted the weeks, feeling each one progress and the time has passed at a normal speed, even though sometimes I have felt like I’ve been pregnant forever. But suddenly I am seven months pregnant and I can’t believe it. Wasn’t it six months just last week?! What, it’s March already?

Not a lot has really happened this past month, but I feel the need to record it anyway. Hopefully some people will even read this as well! I’ve moved the start of my Maternity Leave forward so that I’m now finishing at Easter, when I’ll be pretty much 35 weeks. This was a very hard decision to make for many reasons (money, fear of boredom, extra pressure on me at work, extra pressure on those I will be leaving behind at work), but it was the right one. I haven’t been very well, picking-up every cold that has come within a 5-mile radius of me, one after another, forcing me to take more time off work than I would like. Then, last Monday, I fainted on the train into work and got sent back to bed by the paramedics the station staff called. I was fine – it was probably low blood pressure + tiredness of pregnancy + hot carriage + not feeling 100% – but it was a wake-up call. However much I would like to keep going at full pelt, I can’t and shouldn’t and I do feel much better overall if I slow things down a bit. Lesson learnt…

Baby is moving a LOT and ALL THE TIME, it feels. He is lying head down with his back along my right side and legs across my middle, which means I get him pushing against my waist and kicking my left side at the same time, often at night when I’m falling asleep. He’s on the bigger side and I think he is trying to find more space to stretch into. Well, let me tell you, mate, their ain’t no room behind your back – move over into the middle! I keep telling myself that an active baby means a healthy baby. Right? I am also feeling more and more achy as I get heavier and need to eat even more than I have been. If I could, I would eat a white chocolate magnum everyday, but I manage to restrain myself most days. I have no idea how much weight I’ve put on, but as I can still fit into my maternity jeans and I don’t think I look too different, apart from the round tummy that is, I’m not worried about weight gain. That doesn’t mean I like it when people comment that I’m ‘absolutely huge!’, mind you.

We now have pretty much everything for the baby, except a cot mattress and toiletries, including nappies. The room that will be the nursery is not ready for baby yet in that it is full of bags and boxes, but I don’t think that will get done until Easter now because of out typically busy weekends. I’m not worried (yet), as I know we would sort it quickly should we need to and I keep reminding everyone that there will still be shops after the baby’s born. Should I be worried? Maybe that will come.

I have lots of posts that I want to write and that keep going around in my head, so hopefully I will find the time to write them soon. But, they won’t happen over the next few days as Tom and I are taking a little pre-baby holiday to Somerset from tomorrow and I am going to force myself to unplug, not check Twitter every few minutes and read, relax, eat all the yummy things I can and enjoy spending time with my husband. I’ll just leave you with a picture of my niece, Maya, posing very proudly with the birthday cake her uncle Tom made at her request – a chocolate and strawberry cake in the shape of a blue triangle. She’s nothing if not specific that girl.

Maya and 3rd birthday cake

Speak to you soon, readers.


One thought on “Life at 31 weeks

  1. This sounds so exciting. Two more months and you are ready to meet your baby (well I guess ready to meet him happens before).
    I hope slowing down will make you feel better, less achy, and that you will manage to still feel good about the extra time (that is, not get bored).
    I am rooting for you (so exciting) and if you ever need to vent to a stranger just let me know. 🙂

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