Posted in May 2013

Birth story, part 2

We start part 2 with Tom and I arriving at the maternity ward for my induction, with me feeling confident that I would have progressed beyond 2 cms dilation and wouldn’t need the induction. Unfortunately that was not the case and after quickly discussing things with the midwife, I decided to have the pessary inserted. … Continue reading

Birth story, part 1

Almost four weeks after Freddie came into the world, and the first time I’ve sat down at the computer for more than 4 seconds, I feel compelled to start writing my birth story. Freddie is asleep in the pushchair after a long walk (for the moment), I have a cup of tea and a piece … Continue reading

13th May 2013

(Pretend this went up yesterday like I intended. Somebody who shall remain nameless – *cough* Freddie *cough*- had other ideas about how I should spend my day.) 13th May 2013 Dear Tom, Eleven years ago you became my boyfriend. Just over three years ago you became my fiance. A year and nine months ago you … Continue reading

Welcome to the world

  Frederick (Freddie) Peter, born 7.14 am on Monday 22nd April 2013. Weighed 6 lbs 2.5 oz. Welcome to the world, our wonderful boy. Love, mummy and daddy xxx