Posted in August 2013

Two years married

We’ve been married for over two years now. Not a very long time, in the grand scheme of things (or even that long in the scheme of our relationship – we’ve been together over 11 years), but still an achievement. Because of the busy-ness of life with a young baby and a new job (for … Continue reading

I don’t know how I feel

If you’ve read the final part of my birth story, then you’ll know that Freddie’s entrance into the world was not without its ups and downs, namely that he was born with pneumonia. By the time we left hospital the doctors weren’t sure what had caused it, but the infection had cleared up well. A … Continue reading

Birth story, part 3

Sorry it’s taken so long to post the last part of my birth story. Freddie is now almost four months old, can you believe it? Although the days with him are getting easier all the time, finding a spare moment to sit at the computer is still very difficult. But I have also been putting … Continue reading