Just, you know, things

I’ve just decided that I’m going to write a post once a week for as long as I can keep it up. And so, even though I have Freddie on my knee right now, I thought I should get started right away. We’ll see how long this lasts, but I’m already looking forward to it and I’ve got lots of ideas for what I want to write, including my breastfeeding story, some new products that I’m loving and probably lots more ramblings.

There isn’t really a ‘theme’ to this post except, I suppose, me.

First up, a little baby update (although not too much, as I am determined to write a six month post next week). No more news on Freddie’s operation yet, annoyingly. You’d never be able to tell he had reduced lung capacity – he had a cold a few weeks ago and was quite wheezy for a few days and so I took him to the GP to get it checked out, but it was all fine. My sister and I decided, by the way, that looking after an ill baby should be the dictionary definition of the opposite of fun. Thought you might like to know that, in case you’d never had the pleasure.


We’ve had a fairly busy summer, with hubby finishing his PhD (all corrections submitted and acknowledged – wahoo! Next step is to get it printed and bound) and starting a new job as Regional Director of the West Midlands for an educational charity called The Brilliant Club. Check them out, they’re pretty, well, brilliant! It is a fantastic job for Tom and I am incredibly proud of him getting a job so that he not only loves, is something he’s passionate about, but is also using his PhD. He’s a clever one, that boy. But, yes, you can imagine how stressful that has been.

We were lucky enough to escape for a week to Cornwall with Tom’s family at the end of August, and I’ve had lots of help and support from both of our families with the bubski while Tom has been working hard. Highlight was probably taking Freddie to paddle in the sea for the first time!


This week I have been thinking back to this time last year, when we bought and moved into our house, I started my job and was a few weeks pregnant. I can’t believe that was only a year ago – so much has happened since then! Although the house is looking pretty similar, unfortunately.  Other life changing events seem to have taken precedent over decorating, it seems.


There are a few things that are making me really happy and excited at the moment, which I thought I would mention, seeing as the tag line for this blog is ‘figuring out how to love life’: going swimming with Freddie and my niece, Maya; looking forward to seeing my best friend Lucie this weekend; Tom telling me to take a day off my current very full-time job when he’s got a long weekend in a few weeks (who wants to do something?); our trip to Brussels in December to see friends and a recent afternoon tea in Birmingham with some lovely ladies and babies, which has already led to another date being arranged.


And, lastly, I’ve joined Instagram and am really enjoying it. I’m attempting to do the FMS photo a day challenge, which you might like to join in with. You can find me under @esmewins.


3 thoughts on “Just, you know, things

  1. Sounds like little Freddie is doing great even with his slightly smaller lungs – and once he has he operation there’ll be no stopping him I’m sure!

    So jealous of the afternoon tea with babies, I’d love to try and join the next one, the photos made it look so much fun, much more than your standard mother and baby group 🙂

    Good luck with blog post a week – I’ll make it my aim to comment every week as I don’t have a blog!

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