Six months

Guess who is six months old today…

F six months

It’s this little dude!

I can’t believe that we’ve had the privilege of getting to know this lovely boy for half a year already, but also I can’t believe that it’s only six months since we met him.

From this…

F 4 days

Four days old

through these…

F 1 month

One month old

through these…

One month old
F 2 months

Two months


F 3 months

Three months

F 4 months

Four months

F 5 months

Five months

To this:

Six months!

Six months!

At six months Freddie is rolling over both ways very easily, grabbing anything within reach and holding even small things well. He can sit up on his own for a short time, but he’s not quite there yet. We’ve had one session of teething so far and a couple of colds, but otherwise he’s generally a pretty happy chappy, often to be found with a massive grin on his face, like this:

2013-10-21 15.45.06

It sometimes takes quite a lot to make him laugh, but when you succeed you are rewarded with the cutest, cheekiest little giggle. It’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Other sounds he makes include a raspberry, lip-smacking, a loud gulping when he drinks, a ‘gu’ sound in his throat and don’t forget his ‘first word’ – agua. Yup, a linguist already.

Don’t get me wrong, these six months have not been all giggles and smiles; we’ve had our fair share of inconsolable mystery crying, sleepless nights, one bad bump on the head, a million hours of fighting with breast/bottle feeding (that’s another post that I WILL write soon), days of no naps, many, many circuits of the park (he loves being outside, this one) and countless moments where I’ve thought that I simply cannot do this. But I’ve learned that we can always get through whatever happens, that tomorrow always comes and it does get easier. Honestly, there were times when I thought it would never get easier, but, you know what, it does. Thanks to everyone who reminded me of that time and time again.

One thing that has certainly made life a lot easier is that Freddie has been sleeping through the night since the end of August. Being able to follow our bedtime routine, put him in his cot with a kiss and then leave him until he stirs at 7.00 am is fantastic. His naps during the day are nowhere near as regular, but however long the day has been I think as long as I can get to bathtime… The turning point was when he discovered the wonder that is sucking his thumb, which really soothes him and sends him to sleep. At the moment I am a major fan of the thumb-sucking (especially when he holds onto my top, sucks his thumb and buries his head into my neck), but ask me again when he’s 7.

The most exciting thing that reaching six months brings is solid food and weaning, an adventure that is just beginning for us. It started slowly with Freddie showing very little interest, but for the last few days he has been very enthusiastic and has loved almost everything he’s tried, with the exception of cauliflower that lead to 1.5 hours of tears at bedtime due to a windy tummy.

So, happy half birthday to my gorgeous, cheeky baby boy. Mummy and daddy can’t wait to watch you learn and discover even more and we’re looking forward to whatever adventures you’ve got in store for us.


4 thoughts on “Six months

  1. Well done for surviving the first six months! Enjoy these next six months… They are, in my experience, the easiest stage – baby is a bit more independent but its before the determination and will kicks in and they realise they can have opinions of their own! He looks like a bundle of fun. Motherhood is hard, but it sure s wonderful!

  2. Happy Half Birthday wee man!! Oh what I wouldn’t do for a baby that sleeps through the night, what a star! So, so glad everything is going well for you guys, you’re doing an amazing job! xx

  3. Well done for 6 months to everyone. I’m only a couple of months ahead of you but in my opinion the fun is starting now and our babies start to turn into little people. Once I had got used to the mess and extra organisation of weaning I am loving it and going out for lunch with Ben is my favourite thing to do at the moment.

    Freddie looks like a lovely happy baby!

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