Monday is my day not at work and alone with Freddie. I find that I fluctuate over the day between complete adoration of my lovely young child, thinking that I cannot possibly return to work the following day and I must quite my job straight away to wanting to run away and never have any more time alone with this imperfectly-behaved devil of a toddler. This Monday Freddie said his first three word sentence: ‘that daddy chair’. I felt moved and honoured to be with him to witness him demonstrating his development in such a way and I instantly forgave his earlier insistence that he didn’t want to eat his own cereal, he only wanted mine.

I haven’t written on this blog for a while because I haven’t had a full post to write. To be honest, it hasn’t been a priority for me and so I just haven’t done it. I’m ok with that. I have written a couple of posts on Florence Finds in the meantime and I am planning a post on the balance of being a part-time working parent for the new year, which is kind of filling me with fear. Will there be judgement on my (our) situation? Inevitably, yes, but I feel that it’s a good thing to write. I crave hearing positive stories of families with two working parents, so I suppose I should put mine out there to be included in the dialogue that we should be having. Generally – I tell my friends – it works well, until we all three need to be out of the house before 7.30 and then it doesn’t. In a typical week, I say, we’re winning. But there are very few typical weeks. Anyway, you can read that when I’ve written it.

In the morning when I go in to take Freddie out of his cot the first thing he says is ‘daddy?’. When Tom goes in to him, I hear ‘mummy?’. You can see how much he loves having us both there and really is at his most content when he’s between us and we’re all reading a story. He loves books – something which I hope will always be the case.

His favourite game at the moment is ‘tea’. He finds a something that looks like a cup (a mug, a tea light holder, a bath toy), pours in some ‘tea’ and offers it to you to drink: ‘mummy, tea?’ You must sip it, say ‘ahh’ after you’ve finished and ask for more please. He also likes to put his wooden animals in the big plastic Jeep his Great Grandma bought him – the chicken fits in the best.


My family, Freddie 19 months


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