Memories from June.


From 25 weeks at the beginning of the month …



My gorgeous boy, just before getting his hair cut. He loves his sunglasses.


My handsome boys, post haircut.


… 27 weeks …


Homemade ice-lollies (Smitten Kitchen recipe)


… Nearly 28 weeks, going to the RSC …




Exploring and adventuring at Compton Verney for Nonni’s birthday.


‘Helping’ mummy with some work.


Just one night’s collection from the garden, now made into jam.


… to 28+1 at the end of the month.


Only fainted twice this month! Maybe the third trimester will be kinder to me.

Saw and loved the Merchant of Venice at the RSC.

A wonderful day out at the Wimpole Estate with friends, which included lots of tractors and was therefore a huge hit with a certain 2-year old, and his friends. Wishing we could meet-up more regularly.

Freddie started swimming by himself (but with armbands)! He’s found his confidence in the water, which made us both very proud.

Catching-up with friends in Cambridge, in our garden for a BBQ, in our kitchen for homemade scones and out for dinner at a new find. And taking the little ones swimming with a new-ish friend I hope turns into a more permanent one.

Continue to be delighted by Freddie’s language development. At the beginning of the month I tweeted about one of his first 5 word sentences: ‘I’ve eaten all of my pikelet.’ (Recipe in Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course, if you’re interested.) By the end of the month, 5 words was commonplace and he now says things like ‘I want to make a little tunnel with the blanket. I go in it, I hiding.’

Another hilarious toddler phrase: ‘I not like traffic jam. I like peanut butter.’

Reading and thoroughly enjoying this book about pregnancy.


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