Things, September

I haven’t been here for a while. Over a year in fact. Unsurprisingly, that year has coincided with having our second child, Lara, and all that having two children entails. I’m not making any promises about more regular blogging, but my head is teaming with ideas that I would love to get down. Maybe you could push me, reader.

We’re at the start of a new chapter, trying to find a new normal with two working parents and two children. Parental leave has finished and Freddie and Lara are both at a childminder three times a week, with me being off one day and Tom taking a Friday off every other week and the in-laws the other Friday. I’m still getting my head round our new routine, shall we say. It’s an adjustment. (Typing that makes me think that I could have something to say about different forms of childcare, as we’ve experienced a few now.)

What else to say? We’re happy, very happy as a family of four.


We’ve had a pretty great summer, but this past year has zoomed past. Lara is 1 (and a week!) old and that is incredible. I’m shaking my head in disbelief that the passage of time.

I’ve also been contemplating recording some YouTube videos, as I’ve been really getting into watching (mainly) mum bloggers, and some beauty and lifestyle ones too and I really like that form of online communication. I’ll do it one day, put it out there and see what happens. I need to update this blog and give it some love as well.

So, very briefly, hello.


2 thoughts on “Things, September

  1. Excited to see a blog post! Hope back to work for both of you has gone smoothly. I never watch the vlogs as I mainly read blogs whilst trapped under sleeping children so hope you do normal blog posts too. Loved the birth story but I’ll go comment on that one separately!

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