Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Chances are that you’ve come here after reading something else that I’ve written on another blog. I’m so pleased you popped over! I’ve been blogging for other people for a while now and I finally decided that it was time that I tried it on my own. I hope you like it.

Why ‘Esme Wins’

In August 2011 I married my childhood sweetheart, Tom, in a beautiful garden wedding in Northamptonshire. There were cocktails, a groom-made cake and it was generally an absolutely gorgeous day celebrating with our family and friends.

As the traditional girl that I am, after I got married I changed my name to that of my husband (ok, ok, it wasn’t that simple, but this not the place to go into that topic in detail) – going from Esme F to Esme W. When I proudly showed my new husband my newly designed signature, he declared that it looked like I was signing ‘Esme Wins’. It seemed appropriate and the name stuck.

How to love life

I have a theory that the secret to happiness is to be happy with what you’ve got and only seek to change things that you just cannot live with. I suppose this blog is my search to practice what I preach…

On this blog I post recipes and what I’ve been enjoying, as food is one of my main passions; little projects such as decorating my home; and my general musings on life. We’ll see how it goes.

I love language, the smell of coffee in the morning, playing Scrabble with my husband, putting the world to rights over a glass of wine with friends and being a feminist. Now all I need is to discover how to love my life.


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