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Kitchen: before and during

Enough with all this pregnancy nonsense, how about some house updates? That’s what you’ve all been waiting for, right?! When we moved in, we pretty much had a blank canvas. It’s a new house, so everything works but it was painted and decorated for renting, i.e. magnolia as far as the eye could see, and … Continue reading

Saying goodbye

Hello! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of moving, unpacking, new job and no Internet. BUT! We are now back on line and I’m all ready to catch you all up on the craziness that has been out lives over the last month or so. Please come back later this week for further … Continue reading

Guest post: How I love to make things

Good morning lovely readers. Today I have a treat for you! I’ve written a little bit about some of the things in my house that have a slight DIY feel, because I love my home to be personal. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when it comes to adding something a little bit different … Continue reading

Waving the W flag

I thought you might like this picture of a little arrangement I ‘put together’ (!) on our mantel piece, especially if you liked my letters post. These little flags are from the Mexican restaurant Wahaca in London. I think you can guess why they went into my handbag… The postcard is from Paperchase and is … Continue reading


It kind of crept up on me. First I was given one by my sister as a present. Then I had this idea for a decoration for the wedding. On honeymoon I bought another, and by the time we were home I realised I had it bad. I love letters! I think individual letters or … Continue reading