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Welcome to the world

  Frederick (Freddie) Peter, born 7.14 am on Monday 22nd April 2013. Weighed 6 lbs 2.5 oz. Welcome to the world, our wonderful boy. Love, mummy and daddy xxx Advertisements

Lucie and George’s wedding

Apologies for the less than amazing quality of all of the pictures in this post. They’ve all been chosen because they capture the feelings and feel of what was a wonderful day, but none were taken by professional photographers. I love them all, though! It was almost a month ago now, but I have finally … Continue reading

A good reason

I haven’t exactly been honest with you all over the past few weeks. Sure, things have been busy because of the move and the new job and everything associated with those huge life altering things (such as having no Internet connection), but there has been one other thing that has been keeping me away from … Continue reading

Today’s the day

Today is the day that we get the keys to our new house. The day we get to stand in our very own kitchen (and perhaps do a little dance of joy) and test out paint on the walls. And hang-up pictures wherever we want. And change decorations and add things and make it just … Continue reading

Things you need when you leave home

From 1st September, my little sister will be living in Halls. Daisy, my sister, is studying a BTEC in Musical Theatre at a college near to us, which is, therefore, a long way from home (Mid-Wales). During her first year she lived with a family to whom my Mum paid rent and board, but this … Continue reading

House news!

I’ve been keeping a secret from you. I’ve got a good reason why I haven’t said anything – once bitten, twice shy and all that. But I think it’s alright to let you know… If you’re listening, fate, this is not me tempting you. We’ve got a house! A home, in fact. Look, it has … Continue reading