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Monday is my day not at work and alone with Freddie. I find that I fluctuate over the day between complete adoration of my lovely young child, thinking that I cannot possibly return to work the following day and I must quite my job straight away to wanting to run away and never have any more … Continue reading

War and Peace

Or, a little update. Summer is here and the beautiful weather is bringing back lots of hazy memories of the first few weeks of Freddie’s life. I think it will be a while before hot days don’t remind me of sitting on the sofa with a tiny, too hot newborn feeding feeding feeding and me … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

I would say that 13 days into 2014 still makes this year pretty new, right? Obviously, I totally meant to write this over a week ago, but there you go. Christmas really was lovely. We spent Christmas week at my mum’s in mid-Wales and with Freddie being an absolute star (napping for several hours most … Continue reading

Birth story, part 3

Sorry it’s taken so long to post the last part of my birth story. Freddie is now almost four months old, can you believe it? Although the days with him are getting easier all the time, finding a spare moment to sit at the computer is still very difficult. But I have also been putting … Continue reading

13th May 2013

(Pretend this went up yesterday like I intended. Somebody who shall remain nameless – *cough* Freddie *cough*- had other ideas about how I should spend my day.) 13th May 2013 Dear Tom, Eleven years ago you became my boyfriend. Just over three years ago you became my fiance. A year and nine months ago you … Continue reading

Welcome to the world

  Frederick (Freddie) Peter, born 7.14 am on Monday 22nd April 2013. Weighed 6 lbs 2.5 oz. Welcome to the world, our wonderful boy. Love, mummy and daddy xxx


Before I get into this post, I feel like I should start at the end really and tell you that you a couple of weeks ago we were given the all clear. So, although I have had a taste of what being told there is something wrong with your baby is like and how to … Continue reading

The end of 2012

Today I woke up and felt like writing again. It’s been a few weeks that have left me feeling like I’d lost my writing mojo and more than a bit guilty that I hadn’t been fulfilling my blogging ‘quota’ (whatever that is). This is, of course, ridiculous, because I started this blog as a creative … Continue reading

Things you need when you leave home

From 1st September, my little sister will be living in Halls. Daisy, my sister, is studying a BTEC in Musical Theatre at a college near to us, which is, therefore, a long way from home (Mid-Wales). During her first year she lived with a family to whom my Mum paid rent and board, but this … Continue reading