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Monday is my day not at work and alone with Freddie. I find that I fluctuate over the day between complete adoration of my lovely young child, thinking that I cannot possibly return to work the following day and I must quite my job straight away to wanting to run away and never have any more … Continue reading

War and Peace

Or, a little update. Summer is here and the beautiful weather is bringing back lots of hazy memories of the first few weeks of Freddie’s life. I think it will be a while before hot days don’t remind me of sitting on the sofa with a tiny, too hot newborn feeding feeding feeding and me … Continue reading

Feeding, feeding, feeding

Right, let’s just get on with this, shall we? I’ve been putting off and putting off writing this post for a very long time now and enough is enough. So, breastfeeding. I’m not breastfeeding anymore. It hurts me to write that, which is pointless because I know that I did it for much longer than … Continue reading

Six months

Guess who is six months old today… It’s this little dude! I can’t believe that we’ve had the privilege of getting to know this lovely boy for half a year already, but also I can’t believe that it’s only six months since we met him. From this… through these… through these… One month old   … Continue reading

I don’t know how I feel

If you’ve read the final part of my birth story, then you’ll know that Freddie’s entrance into the world was not without its ups and downs, namely that he was born with pneumonia. By the time we left hospital the doctors weren’t sure what had caused it, but the infection had cleared up well. A … Continue reading

Birth story, part 3

Sorry it’s taken so long to post the last part of my birth story. Freddie is now almost four months old, can you believe it? Although the days with him are getting easier all the time, finding a spare moment to sit at the computer is still very difficult. But I have also been putting … Continue reading

Birth story, part 1

Almost four weeks after Freddie came into the world, and the first time I’ve sat down at the computer for more than 4 seconds, I feel compelled to start writing my birth story. Freddie is asleep in the pushchair after a long walk (for the moment), I have a cup of tea and a piece … Continue reading

Welcome to the world

  Frederick (Freddie) Peter, born 7.14 am on Monday 22nd April 2013. Weighed 6 lbs 2.5 oz. Welcome to the world, our wonderful boy. Love, mummy and daddy xxx