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Memories from June. From 25 weeks at the beginning of the month … My gorgeous boy, just before getting his hair cut. He loves his sunglasses. My handsome boys, post haircut. … 27 weeks … Homemade ice-lollies (Smitten Kitchen recipe) … Nearly 28 weeks, going to the RSC … Exploring and adventuring at Compton Verney … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

I would say that 13 days into 2014 still makes this year pretty new, right? Obviously, I totally meant to write this over a week ago, but there you go. Christmas really was lovely. We spent Christmas week at my mum’s in mid-Wales and with Freddie being an absolute star (napping for several hours most … Continue reading

Kitchen: before and during

Enough with all this pregnancy nonsense, how about some house updates? That’s what you’ve all been waiting for, right?! When we moved in, we pretty much had a blank canvas. It’s a new house, so everything works but it was painted and decorated for renting, i.e. magnolia as far as the eye could see, and … Continue reading

Saying goodbye

Hello! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of moving, unpacking, new job and no Internet. BUT! We are now back on line and I’m all ready to catch you all up on the craziness that has been out lives over the last month or so. Please come back later this week for further … Continue reading

We’re in!

Thanks to the dry weather, a large trailer borrowed from work by my Father-in-law, some (incredibly) helpful family and friends and a pretty lax landlady, we’re in the new house! New keys have been collected, old keys handed over, the first take-away consumed, paint purchased and tested on the walls, our new wardrobe put together … Continue reading

Today’s the day

Today is the day that we get the keys to our new house. The day we get to stand in our very own kitchen (and perhaps do a little dance of joy) and test out paint on the walls. And hang-up pictures wherever we want. And change decorations and add things and make it just … Continue reading

Things you need when you leave home

From 1st September, my little sister will be living in Halls. Daisy, my sister, is studying a BTEC in Musical Theatre at a college near to us, which is, therefore, a long way from home (Mid-Wales). During her first year she lived with a family to whom my Mum paid rent and board, but this … Continue reading

House news!

I’ve been keeping a secret from you. I’ve got a good reason why I haven’t said anything – once bitten, twice shy and all that. But I think it’s alright to let you know… If you’re listening, fate, this is not me tempting you. We’ve got a house! A home, in fact. Look, it has … Continue reading

Waving the W flag

I thought you might like this picture of a little arrangement I ‘put together’ (!) on our mantel piece, especially if you liked my letters post. These little flags are from the Mexican restaurant Wahaca in London. I think you can guess why they went into my handbag… The postcard is from Paperchase and is … Continue reading

Sharing housework

In our house, I do all the clothes washing and Tom does the washing-up. I generally cook during the week because Tom gets home after me, but he cooks fancier things at the weekend. He pretty much always makes weekend breakfasts, but I do most of the bills and home ‘admin’. He puts out the … Continue reading