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Two years married

We’ve been married for over two years now. Not a very long time, in the grand scheme of things (or even that long in the scheme of our relationship – we’ve been together over 11 years), but still an achievement. Because of the busy-ness of life with a young baby and a new job (for … Continue reading

First anniversary celebrations

Last Monday (13th August) was our first wedding anniversary. As I think many other not-so-newlyweds will attest, it both seems like it was only yesterday and also a million years ago that we got married. It’s been quite a year, made more bearable and happier by the fact I know I’ve always got my husband … Continue reading

It’s a bit quiet around here…

Hi all. Apologies for the quietness this week, it’s been a bit of a mad one… I went and got myself a new job, there are some more exciting things going on that I will hopefully be able to reveal (not pregnant, before you ask) next week and it turns out sorting the house out … Continue reading

Sharing housework

In our house, I do all the clothes washing and Tom does the washing-up. I generally cook during the week because Tom gets home after me, but he cooks fancier things at the weekend. He pretty much always makes weekend breakfasts, but I do most of the bills and home ‘admin’. He puts out the … Continue reading