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Five things

Oh dear. It’s been quite a long time since I last blogged. Truth is, I’ve been having too much fun to take time out to write of an evening. A catch-up post to follow soon(ish), but for now, a few things that have really made me smile over the last week or so. This book, … Continue reading

Victoria’s favourite five

I was thrilled when my friend Victoria asked if she could send me her favourite five for my blog, partly because it’s great to know that someone else thinks it’s a good idea and partly because Victoria is much more glamourous that me so I knew her choices would be great. If you would like … Continue reading

My Mum’s favourite five

I am really excited to be posting my Mum’s first ever blog post today! I asked her to write about her favourite five products, to which she originally claimed that she couldn’t possibly think of five. Well would you look at that? She came up with six in the end. (First rule of blogging, Mum, … Continue reading

My favourite five

Although I am not what I would call brand loyal in most respects, there are some products that I turn to again and again as they quite simply do what I need them to do, I’m happy with the price and no-one has introduced me to something that does it better. Perhaps not the heartiest … Continue reading