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Memories from June. From 25 weeks at the beginning of the month … My gorgeous boy, just before getting his hair cut. He loves his sunglasses. My handsome boys, post haircut. … 27 weeks … Homemade ice-lollies (Smitten Kitchen recipe) … Nearly 28 weeks, going to the RSC … Exploring and adventuring at Compton Verney … Continue reading

Pregnancy no. 2

I’ve been away from this blog for a while because I haven’t had a lot that I’ve wanted to talk about this publicly. I’m 24 weeks pregnant with our second child, something which we are both thrilled by, but it’s not been easy. It’s fair to say that this pregnancy is well and truly kicking … Continue reading

Thoughts for new mums

I can’t take credit for all of these, but here are some thoughts, phrases, quotations, sayings, pieces of advice etc. that have struck a cord for me and stayed in my mind since becoming a mum. Sorry for not giving credit for all of them, if I haven’t it’s because I can’t remember where I … Continue reading

Birth story, part 2

We start part 2 with Tom and I arriving at the maternity ward for my induction, with me feeling confident that I would have progressed beyond 2 cms dilation and wouldn’t need the induction. Unfortunately that was not the case and after quickly discussing things with the midwife, I decided to have the pessary inserted. … Continue reading

Birth story, part 1

Almost four weeks after Freddie came into the world, and the first time I’ve sat down at the computer for more than 4 seconds, I feel compelled to start writing my birth story. Freddie is asleep in the pushchair after a long walk (for the moment), I have a cup of tea and a piece … Continue reading

Full term

I’ve missed out a few weeks, with my last pregnancy update being at 31 weeks. Perhaps I’ll try and re-cap at some point, or maybe not. 37 weeks. Full term. Erm, what? You may have seen in my last post that I’ve been on maternity leave for two weeks now already. These last two weeks … Continue reading

Maternity leave

I’ve just entered the third week of my maternity leave and today marks the point when I’m full term (i.e., 37 weeks pregnant and the point at which the baby would not be considered premature whenever he decides to arrive). I’ve wanted to write about the whole finishing work/being on maternity leave thing and working … Continue reading

Life at 31 weeks

This past month has flown by. At every other stage of my pregnancy I have closely counted the weeks, feeling each one progress and the time has passed at a normal speed, even though sometimes I have felt like I’ve been pregnant forever. But suddenly I am seven months pregnant and I can’t believe it. … Continue reading

Six months

I am now six months pregnant. That means I have been pregnant for half a year. Lets take a look at how I’ve changed: from the early days (and not knowing I was pregnant), through first and second trimesters… To now, just over 28 weeks, officially in my third trimester: The third trimester does feel … Continue reading


Before I get into this post, I feel like I should start at the end really and tell you that you a couple of weeks ago we were given the all clear. So, although I have had a taste of what being told there is something wrong with your baby is like and how to … Continue reading