Me elsewhere

Any Other Woman

I write a monthly column titled Real Married, where I ponder on what it means to be married, how wonderful (and awful) weddings can be and being a wife. The AOW girls are a wonderful bunch and this is my favourite place on the Internet. Please have a look!

You’ll also find a few posts on there written by my talented husband, including how to make your own wedding cake (with diagrams!) and how he is the biggest feminist in his lab.

A Safe Mooring

You’ll love Kirsty. She’s a fantastic writer and I wish she was my real-life friend. Once, she asked me to write something for her whilst she was on holiday. So I wrote about marrying a doctor.

Florence Finds

This is a blog that will make you prettier, your home look more stylish, improve your skin and make you spend all your money. But you won’t feel inadequate as Rebecca makes you feel right at home. You can find me on FF writing about my favourite kitchen items and reviewing Mr Underhill’s House, Ludlow.

Far from the wedding crowd

Now this is the site to visit if you’re planning a wedding. The always fabulous and general queen of weddings, Anna, gives you inspiration and the best tips. I wrote about going to a wedding after getting married and will hopefully be on there again soon.

The Honeymoon Project

Emma helped me whittle down our honeymoon options, so I repaid the favour by sending her a write-up of our Italian honeymoon. Emma’s advice is always spot on and her choices are perfect. You’ll see me there again soon with more travel write-ups.

Rock My Wedding

Our wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding in January 2012. We were so pleased that our wonderful photographers could get the publicity and was really lovely to have our ideas and photographs out there for more brides (and grooms!) to be inspired by.


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